Branded SMS

Send SMS with Your Brand-NameSMS Gateway enables advanced use of SMS MT and 2 Way SMS messaging with high levels of security. It is the perfect solution for companies who need advanced mobile messaging features without extensive investment or user training, integrating your system or database with our mobile transaction platform. You can send Online Bulk SMS in your company/product brand-name to all mobile numbers in Pakistan and build your brand-name to increase Company/Product Reputation in the relevant industry and also create reader trust towards content of branded SMS.Branded SMS generally best solution for commercial or non-commercial organizations and educational institutions where speed and reliability of the content really matters. The response rate of this kind SMS is much better than SMS sent by any ordinary/unknown mobile numbe

Branded SMS Features

  1. Masking Activation Charges Rs. 2000/- One time.
  2. NTN Required for Mask Registration
  3. Payment will be 100% in advance.
  4. Credit Expiry: Unlimited
  5. Unlimited  Sender ID per Account
  6. Quick and most effective way to reach your targeted audience.
  7. No Hardware/Software required.
  8. Globally managed password protected web access.
  9. All Pakistan GSM and CDMA coverage.
  10. Online delivery status report.
  11. Great broadcasting speed.
  12. Trial Account Available for testing

SMS are delivered from your brand-name instead of unknown number

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Frequently Asked Questions

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