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Digital Marketing Courses in Pakistan

Digital Marketing Courses in Pakistan is fairly a new sub-stream of marketing within the local business environment. Although Digital Marketing has already taken roots as a core component of international business, the Pakistani market is still adopting this new domain. This very reason makes it perfect for professionals (marketing or otherwise) who are willing to dive into the exciting world of Digital Marketing and learn about how it works in promoting business in today’s high tech world.

Digital Marketing is different from conventional marketing because it involves the use of digital and electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops and connectivity to the internet. Instead of conventional marketing channels, a digital marketer makes use of digital mediums to achieve marketing targets. These mediums may include, but are not limited to, to emails, social media websites, official web pages and various online search engines.

BRAINY SERVICES is a pioneer Digital Marketing Institute offering Digital Marketing Courses in Lahore. It is our most comprehensive offering and includes all aspects of Digital Marketing. This includes introduction to Digital Marketing, creating websites, performing Search Engine Optimizations, integrating Social Media Marketing, various kinds of advertising, content creation and analysis via analytics.

How Digital Marketing Training Will Benefit You?

This course benefits you in the following ways:

• You are a new entrant into the field of Digital Marketing and will gain vital knowledge from our professional trainers which only comes with years experience

• Individual as well as group based hands-on trainings with latest techniques to make you an expert

• It will open up an entirely new field and offer wide-ranging career opportunities in the form of Digital Marketers for both local and international businesses

• It will increase your potential of earning manifolds and provide you with both freelance and regular job opportunities

• You will become part of pioneering experts of Digital Marketing and will go on to explore new horizons in future as more local and international business move towards Digital Marketing

• You will receive a globally recognized certification at the successful completion of the program

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Advised to Get Earlier Enrolment in Digital Marketing Training Online?

• Industry expert who are looking to polish existing skills and update their knowledge of the ever-evolving field of Digital Marketing

• In-house marketing trainers in corporate circles

• Fresh business and marketing graduates who want to explore Digital Marketing as a career and want to add more skills to their CV

• New entrants to Digital Marketing (even if they do not have any technical marketing background)

• Employees of corporate companies (especially those belonging to marketing departments)

• Owners/CEO’s of both conventional as well as online businesses who want to use Digital Media and utilize Digital Marketing practices to achieve their marketing goals

What Should You Expect To Learn From This Course?

• The fundamentals of Digital Marketing

• How to employ digital mediums for marketing

• Difference between conventional marketing and Digital Marketing

• Impact of Digital Marketing on business (especially sales)

• Analysis of various digital marketing practices to device a proper digital marketing strategy to achieve business targets

• Planning about marketing any business online

• Learning about how to advertise business online

Digital Marketing: 

This includes a complete understanding and overview of Digital Marketing. It will help you understand what challenges are faced by modern international businesses in the digital world and how you can strategize to overcome them.

Website Creation and Planning: This part of the course will teach you how to create your own website and plan its operations so as to extract the best outcomes of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is one of the most important components of Digital Marketing. It will help you understand what keywords are being searched over online search engines and how you can use them (through methodical research) so as to attract more hits for your website.

PPC Traffic Adwords:

This module will deal with the concept behind Pay Per Click advertising online. Our expert trainers will teach you how to use Google Adwords to make the most out of PPC ads.

Social Media Marketing:

Everybody has heard of or used social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so much more, but hardly anyone knows how to use these amazing platforms for business. This module of the course will give you an in-depth knowledge of marketing by using these platforms.

Mobile Marketing:

Ever wondered how you can use your mobile to market your business or services? If not, you are at the right place. In this section of the course, we will teach you all about marketing via mobile.

Display Advertising:

Up till now the world of marketing was dependent on conventional means of advertising such as ads in print media, billboards or electronic media such as TV or radio. With the advancement of information technology, the focus has now shifted towards adverts in digital media particularly Display Advertising. This includes use of elements such as images, audios and videos to communicate with target segments and achieve goals.


Blogging means writing posts online. Here, we will teach you how to do it and which platforms to use to make your own blogs and use them for digital marketing and promotion as well.


A major part of any marketing campaign, advertising involves usage of a multitude of mediums to communicate business messages, inspire positive feedback and hence achieve marketing targets. This section covers all about it. 

Content Writing:

Everything you see on websites, online stores, blogs, social media pages etc is content. There are several forms of content, however online world is dominated with textual content. In this module, you will learn all about creating, writing and using such content.

Email Marketing:

This covers how you can use email to reach out to your clients and target segments. You will also get in-depth knowledge about how to create email news-letters and other promotion tasks. 

Ecommerce Marketing: 

E-commerce is all commerce that is done via electronic and digital media. All online stores employ Ecommerce Marketing to achieve more sales and grow. This module of the course includes a comprehensive understanding of all the latest techniques to market your products or services in the world of E-commerce. 

Lead Generation: 

Before making an actual sale, it is vital for any business to reach out to its target audience and gain some essential basic information such as names, contact etc. In this part of the course, you will learn how to generate leads.

Content Marketing:

This part will teach you various methods and techniques of marketing and promoting your online content.

Reputation Management: 

A business’s success, whether the business is conventional or online, depends on its reputation. We will teach you what SOP’s you must follow to maintain an outstanding reputation.

Google Analytics: 

Google Analytics is an online tool that can be used to know various statistics regarding website traffic, sales, demographics, areas and so much more. Here you will get to learn on how to integrate Google Analytics with your website and use it to gain vital marketing intel.

Internal & External Link Acquisition & Analysis: 

This portion of the course explains the concept of link building and acquisition so your website becomes easier for search engines to crawl. This enables you to get more traffic and hence more sales.


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