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PHP with Laravel for beginners - Become a Master in Laravel

BRAINY SERVICES is the Best I.T (Web Development) Training Institute in Lahore, BRAINY SERVICES offers professional, dynamic PHP course in Lahore. If you want to become a professional web developer while using PHP, then BRAINY SERVICES is giving the best PHP “7“ with [LARAVEL] training in Pakistan’s major cities.

Course Description

Are you interested in learning a programming language for web development? Do you want to build your own website? Do you already have a PHP website and want to learn how to run, debug or develop it further yourself or for a client? If yes is your answer then we have the perfect course for you. BRAINY SERVICES offers you the best PHP course in Lahore and other cities.

PHP is a server based scripting language primarily used for web development. In simpler words, it is a language that is used to build, operate and run websites from the back end. It is a general purpose language and can be learned by all people even if they do not have any background in computer science. Our PHP training in Lahore and other cities is designed for the beginner so he/she can learn the basics first and then move on to the complex modules of PHP.

Furthermore, this PHP course in Lahore includes complete training in Laravel. Laravel is an open-source software which is based on the PHP framework and is used in web development as well. By combining your skills in PHP and Laravel, you will be able to design smarter web pages that will not only fulfil your requirements, but also be easy to manage and faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to most asked questions

So Who Should Enrol in Our PHP course in Lahore?

• Students of web development

• Anyone who wants to learn how to build websites using PHP

• Anyone interested in a proper certification in PHP course in Lahore or any other city

• People already working as web developers who want to learn the latest techniques and tricks in PHP based web development

• Employees of web development companies and software houses who want to polish their skills further in Web Development especially with focus on PHP

• Business owners who want to build and run their own websites themselves

• Any IT professional looking for top notch PHP training in Lahore and other major cities

• People who want to learn and master Laravel platform for web development

What Should You Expect to Learn from PHP course in Lahore at BRAINY SERVICES?

• BRAINY SERVICES offers the best PHP training in Lahore and all major cities with a team of skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals having years of working experience in web development so you can expect to learn it from the very best

• Training on live projects and websites to enhance your development abilities

• In-house professional trainers who remain in the contact with the students even after the completion of PHP course in Lahore so you can always clear your queries and always be ahead of your competition

• You will learn the fundamentals of website building in PHP as well as Laravel platform and will be able to create and manage your own websites

• You will get a complete understanding of databases, arrays and object oriented programming so you can handle complex objects of your websites

• A project is included in the course which will teach you how to build and run an e-commerce website especially in Laravel

• Our trainers will teach you industry best practices in the field of PHP web development

Here is a brief overview of what we teach at our PHP course in Lahore :

Introduction: This module of our PHP training in Lahore focuses on building the basics of web development in PHP. You will get an intro to all fundamentals in this scripting platform such as syntax, variables, globals, constants and tags.

Database (Mysqli) Introduction: A brief but necessary intro to PHPMyAdmin and its queries. You will also learn about tables, columns and Data Types.

Control Structures: How to build If-Then solutions, working with loops, break and continue statements in PHP and other control structures.

Functions: This part of the PHP course in Lahore will develop your understanding of user defined functions.

Arrays: All about Arrays i.e numeric, associative, multi-dimensional and looping arrays along with its manipulation functions

Common Features: This module includes PHP dates and time, form, file handling, session and cookies, Ajax with PHP, CRUD in PHP.

OOP Fundamentals: Our expert trainers will train you on the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming such as building classes, working with objects, access modifiers, data access, abstraction and classes, interface PHP traits and other functions.

PHP 7 New Feature: All about PHP 7 and inclusions of new features.

Windows /MAC/LINUX Local Environment Setup: This part of PHP training in Lahore deals with how to install PHP in the aforementioned platforms and operating systems so you can begin work on them.

Laravel Fundamentals: This is a series of sub modules where you get an intro to Laravel open source platform in web development. We will cover structure, routing, middleware and Laravel request lifecycle. Further we will train participants in MVC concepts, blade template, responses, environment configuration and migrating, adding columns/tables, query building and joining, database eloquent and front end management in Laravel with focus on home page, product listing, check-out and payment integration.

Validations: This module is all about form validations and handling input form.

Project: To conclude our PHP course in Lahore, our participants will develop a project website which will be an e-commerce store. Participants will use all acquired skills in PHP and Laravel to build a complete online store. This will not only add to your portfolio, but also give you hands-on experience on building your own website.


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